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Our government should be of, by and FOR the people of Sarasota

Dan Lobeck, Esq.

I'm running for Sarasota City Commission to restore integrity, transparency and logical decision-making for all residents and businesses, not just the special few.

“An attorney who specializes in condo association law, Dan Lobeck has fought the forces of development for decades, arguing that citizens want and deserve environmental protections and safeguards against rampant growth.”
Sunny Sarasota Florida
Dan Lobeck for Sarasota City Commission

To the people of Sarasota:

I am running for the Sarasota City Commission to help preserve the charm and personality of our diverse and unique city by the Bay.

After four decades as a successful attorney and business owner, I was not eager to add the title “city commissioner” to my resume. But with this year’s important election for the open Commission seat vacated by Hagen Brody, and seeing no candidate for that office willing to stand up to the development interests who would turn this City into something less than the special place so many now seek to call home, I had to accept the call by people I respect to finally seek public office.

More than ever before, some City Commissioners, and many in City staff, do the bidding of powerful behind-the-scenes vested interests rather than serve the interests of citizens who live here and pay the taxes. We deserve better.

Let me be clear: I oppose the proposals to increase building heights and densities and to take away from residents the right to public hearings and public approvals for major developments. I favor measures to promote truly affordable housing in appropriate locations for the workforce, not just using a gain of scant “attainable housing” for those earning as much as $108,000 a year as a shameful excuse for developer giveaways.

I oppose squandering hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to replace the iconic Van Wezel while so many truly pressing needs are being unmet. I favor public investments in underserved communities and spending what is needed to fight crime, house and treat the homeless, expand parking, clean our sidewalks and improve our neighborhoods. I also favor fiscal responsibility which will allow us to use increasing property values to actually lower taxes and halt the escalating increases in utility bills.

I oppose turning downtown into another Ybor City or Miami Beach. I favor a central City which is – as the great new group CityPAC has said – “both vibrant and livable: that is, viable.”

I oppose the Fruitville Road Diet which staff has revived and other unwise ideas which are hostile to motorists. I favor transportation plans which serve walking, biking and buses but also those trips which will inevitably be by car – to combat traffic congestion rather than embrace it.

We need to do more to protect Lido and St. Armands from “hotel houses.” We need to stop demonizing working class people in neighborhoods like Gillespie Park, Arlington Park and Alta Vista as “NIMBYs” or writing them off as tree-huggers for wanting to preserve the beautiful canopy that gives life and shade and character to the neighborhood.

We need to protect and polish the gem which is Sarasota, resisting the powerful forces which would turn the most desirable small city in America into just another big city from which people seek to flee. Let’s grow but let’s grow right, not with buildings squeezed together and up against the road, ever more blocking the light and air and views, and with disregard for the integrity of existing neighborhoods.

For over 30 years, I’ve been an active citizen advocate for such policies. Now, at this crucial turning point for the future of our City, I volunteer to take that advocacy, and the skills I hope I have honed for understanding and explaining public policy, and team-building with others, to fight for you as your City Commissioner.

But I need your help. Please donate to our campaign — $5 to $1,000 per person, all is appreciated. Or send me an email to assist in other ways.

Together we can make a difference for this special City that we call home.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dan Lobeck, Esq.

Why I'm running...

Sarasota will grow but let’s grow right, with respect for the character and charm that make our city so desirable today.

Let’s put residents in the drivers’ seat, not the developers, to preserve and enhance our quality of life for everyone.


Please donate to the campaign to elect Dan Lobeck for a better Sarasota — $5 to $1,000 per person, all is appreciated! We can’t win without funds to contact voters with mailers, signs and other messaging.

You can pay online here by debit or credit card, or if preferred mail your check payable to Dan Lobeck for City Commission to: Dan Lobeck Campaign; 2033 Main Street, Suite 403, Sarasota, FL 34237

Meet Dan Lobeck

Dan Lobeck is a family man who has led a life of leadership and service.

He is married to the bright and lovely Xin, a former teacher and business owner in China who as a college student demonstrated for democracy in the Tiananmen Square uprising. He has two children, Lauren (22) and Jack (20), both Sarasota High School graduates.

Dan’s father was a preacher and then an architect, while his mother went back to college after raising six children to become a teacher and operator of a Montessori school and who remains well and fit at the age of 96.

Dan is an attorney who is the principal owner and managing partner of a five-attorney law firm in downtown Sarasota.

He is Florida Bar Board certified in Condominium and Planned Development Law, specializing in representing condominium associations and HOA’s. Related to his profession, he was the founding president of the local chapter of Community Associations Institute and two-term chair of its state legislative committee.

Describing himself as a “refugee from Ft. Lauderdale,” Dan moved to Sarasota in 1982 after searching the state for the best place to live and work. He founded an office here for another firm, before starting and building his own law practice.

While earning his law degree at the University of Florida, Dan was elected Student Body Vice President. The following year, he bucked an entrenched machine which had controlled campus politics for 100 years and won election as Student Body President, with the President of the Black Student Union as his running mate. That despite his opponents stealing the campus newspaper in the predawn hours of election day to keep students from seeing Dan’s endorsement. Prior to attending UF, Dan also was elected President of the Student Body in community college, where he obtained a grade forgiveness policy for returning veterans.

Over the years, Dan has served on the Board and as president of numerous organizations, working constructively with others to get things done. Since 1991, he has served as President of Control Growth Now, a civic group which seeks to balance the influence of developers to protect neighborhoods, the environment, traffic mobility and taxpayers by making growth pay its own way, in Sarasota County and its cities. In that role, he has been an active and frequently successful citizens’ advocate in the City of Sarasota for decades. Dan will relinquish that position and otherwise organize his responsibilities to serve as Sarasota City Commissioner upon his election.


Ringling Bridge and Golden Gate Point


I support REAL measures to provide housing that the people who live and work here can afford. That means incentivizing inclusive housing - not gifting developers density bonuses for more high-end housing.

Payne Park - preserved and cherished

Parks / Environment

Our parks are jewels. I advocated for Payne Park and Paul Thorpe Park, applaud the rebirth of Bobby Jones and support The Bay park. We must be stewards of Sarasota's trees, waters, environment and ecosystem.

The view of traffic snarls from The Vue


Traffic circles. Traffic tangles. Road diets. Embracing gridlock with the slogan, "Move people not cars" makes no sense. Not all trips can be on foot, by bike or on buses. That travel should be enhanced but motorists also need safe and sensible mobility, and adequate parking.

The Mark and The Gator Club


Work, live, play is is a nice sales mantra, but compatibility of uses needs to be weighed. Blasting amplified music at 2 a.m. under someone else's bedroom window is unneighborly, unworkable, and unlivable.


The people we elect determine the future of the city we call home.  

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I’m running for Sarasota City Commission At-Large to restore integrity, transparency, and logical decision-making for all residents and businesses, not just the special few.

Election Primary 8/23/22